Lemieux Prosport Gp Square

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The new LeMieux Square now comes with a new super-soft suede binding and sets new standards in style and comfort, designed to fit a wide range of General Purpose Saddles with its high wither standard long straps and signature girth protection area. The luxurious suede top and new soft-suede binding is complimented by a super soft Bamboo lining to absorb and control sweat under saddle making the pad wonderfully comfortable and secure, thereby minimising friction.

The Super-Soft Bamboo inner lining has extraordinary properties:

- It is exceptionally soft and light with similar feel to blend of Cashmere and Silk
- It is breathable and cool to wear with natural wicking, deodorising and anti-microbial properties.
- It is often described as having the strength of steel with softness of cotton
- It is incredibly hydroscopic; controls sweat, absorbing more moisture than pure cotton and polyester fibre
- It is easy to wash and dries faster than normal lining fabric