Snowflake Premium Equine Pellets

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Snowflake Standard is standard only by name. Snowflake Standard bales are made from premium mixed virgin wood shavings and softwood Snowflake Softchip.

Snowflake Standard offers the benefits of woodshavings - a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with with a fresh, pleasant odour and the durability of Softchip - a greater support under hoof which minimises bedding movement.

The high absorbency rate of the bedding provides ease of use, generating little waste and works out to be cost effective with minimal bedding top up required.

As with all Snowflake products, Standard are manufactured through advanced dust extracted processes which minimises dust levels in the stable, supporting a healthy respiratory system for you and your horse.

The bales are 120 litres and approximately 20kg in weight.

Snoflake Standard is included in our Quantity Discount structure. Please contact the store directly for further details.